Moving uv's

Hey everyone! I was hoping that someone could point out the (probably very easy) way of moving a set of uv’s from one end of a uv map to the other? Check out the attached pic (sorry for the poor quality). All I want to do is detach the uv’s in the right red circle and attach them to their corresponding uv’s in the left circle. When I attempt to use the stitch tool it then warps the uv’s to pull in a bunch of attached uv’s and makes it look like doo doo; what I am looking for is a tool to break the bond between corresponding uv’s and allow me to move them all independently so that I can weld them back into their proper placement.

If you select the faces on your model and unwrap them they will be sperated on the same UV map

Hello all! I have solved my own problem! I new of the unlink (Alt+L) command but I was having issues with it not seeming to allow me to grab the vertices after the cut; I instead used the grab tool button (G) and it allowed me to actually move the uv’s away from the others… I now have used the Weld tool to stop the other Islands from auto connecting as with the stitch (V) tool. Thanks for viewing!