Moving vertex in the direction of its leftmost linked vertex

I would like to know if there is a way of doing what I ask in the subject but for multiple vertex at a time each one with different objectives. If it is posible to move multiple vertex towards a curve or a mesh that would make the trick too. But don’t think what I want is clear so I will try to illustrate a bit.

V = linked vertex SV= Selected vertex OV=objective vertex

If I have



And I want to move the selected vertex in the direction of the objective vertex, you just have to select the OV, snap the cursor to it and scale using the cursor as reference, but I don’t want to do it with a point, as you do with the cursor, I want to do it with a line, mesh or curve, like the vertex I’m scaling take as it’s objective the closest point in the path of the curve/line/mesh.

What I too confusing? :-?

EDIT: Didn’t knew the forum took the empty space before the text…
EDIT2: I found a workaround to my problem by rotating from top view(since the ‘line’ I wanted to take as reference was more or less in the path of the rotation), but I’m still curious if this can be done. If you need better explanation just ask :smiley:

Select one end vertex and press Shift+S->Cursor to selection
Then press . to use the cursor as the pivot
Then select the vert you want to move and press S to scale

No that’s not what I meant. I said that you can do that but taking just 1 point as a pivot. I want to use a more complicated structure, like a line or curve. I’ll make a image of what I want and try to upload it.

EDIT: Okay I didn’t found an upload feature and have no place to host it, so I’m gonna try to give you a better idea.

-Select a object(parent)
-Select another object(child)
-Using the parent as a pivot, you scale the child. You do not use the center of the parent but the mesh/curve itself.

If the scaling was 0.00, the child would have exactly the same shape( or as aproximated as it due to lack of vertex for example) to the shape of the parent.

LMB or Snap to put 3dCursor where U want and choose Pivot3DCursor (;KEY)

I dont understand what U want, but I’ve try :wink:

I wonder if I can code what I want into Tuhopuu… Tought I am proficient at 3D programming, I don’t know how to work with a cvs, besides fetching the files from the cvs. 8)

You want to use the parent (ex: an S shaped curve) to give the child ( a straight cylinder) an S shape?



Sadly no. I once got excited when I saw “Follow Path”, till I learned it was for animation, not modelling.

You may be able to get it done with Klopes’ script: