moving vertices in fixed direction

(inka) #1

Hi !

I know how to move vertices and I know how to fix the direction, but only if an axis is used.

How can I move them fixed, if the axis is not x,y or z. Maybe I can change axis?

I looked already for info, but could’nt find it. Maybe you just point me to the right place?

Thanks, Ingo

(rwenzlaff) #2

Select all the verts, rotate your object until the direction lines up with X, Y, or Z. Select the desired verts, move them. Rotate back.


(inka) #3

Really complicated, isn’t it?

Thanks for showing this way.


(phlo) #4

i’m not sure if i understood the question correctly…
here my answer:

select your vertice and press n. then a popupwindow comes up
with the location of the vertice. write your new position.
works also with objects.


(kattkieru) #5

Yeah, a nice addition would be movement and rotation along only one axis (like scale has squashing along one axis).

You can get around it by selecting the verts you want to move and holding Control+Shift. This moves them along the grid in small increments. You can change the grid size to your liking, but generally the default is okay. It’s not perfect, but it helps.