Moving Vertices Via Rmb

Hi, I am new at Blender and I am trying to learn some things via BlenderCookie. I was watching a tutorial called Box modeling an alien character in Blender 2.5 Alpha 0 and came across some trouble. Around 3:27, he begins to “round off” the edges, and moves the vertices around without using the 3D manipulator. I discovered that you can use the right mouse button to move your selection. However when I use the rmb I can only select one vertex whereas the guide shows that he is moving a whole row of vertices. Do I even use the rmb or is he using a different method? Can anyone let me know?

Thank You. :slight_smile:

Video Tut:

The basic method is to use ‘G’ to grab (move), ‘S’ to scale and ‘R’ to rotate. You can constrain this to a specific axis by following the transform key with the axis key. For example to scale along the x-axis only, use S X. To prevent the transform along an axis hold shift. For example to scale along the Y and Z axis only use S Shift X


You can also gesture with the LMB pressed. Alt-Rightclick to select a loop, and then left click and drag near the selection. (At least in 2.49 maybe 2.5 not sure)

But Richard is directing you correctly, Blender is designed for one hand on the keyboard, one on the mouse.