Moving vertices

Hi everyone,

When i am trying to organize some vertices, edges and faces, some vertices and edges (which are irrelevant to my choices) are breaking down as you see in the picture. I am tired of fixing them one by one. :smiley: What do you think is the reason? Blender 3.2.0

And what do you think someone can see here?? You may tell more about your workflow to come up with this so maybe someone can help. Showing us just some “random” vertices doesn’t describe the problem…

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Turn off Automerge or Proportional Editing? Seconding Okidoki, one can only make wild guesses based on the limited description and cryptic screenshot.

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Problem is solved after a week: I set the “clip end” adjustment in the View tab from 5000 to 1000. (Default is 1000) I didn’t know that. That is why i choose unwanted vertices. Thanks for your answers. :slight_smile: