Moving verts to a specific coord and Inputting exact size?

Can I move a vert to a specific coordinate? Also I would like to know if I can input the exact size of an object such as 3ds max and such? Is this possible with blender. I’ve tried object properties (N key) but only get scale.

you can move a vert to any co-ordinance - (check in the Transform properties - the N key)

and what is the difference between scale and size?

if you wanted to return the scale back to 1 after you resize press control A

The main issue with size is decimal points for me. For instance, I needed a primitive that was exactly 3.125mx4.25mx0.5m where 1 Blender Unit equals 1 meter. I can do basics like .25 .5 .75 etc… but there’s just no accurate and easy way for me to do it! Or is there?

In object mode with the N-panel you can input either scale or dimension per axis. If you do that, be shure to hit ctrl-a / 1 afterwards, to apply your transformation. (“Apply rotation and scale to obdata”). Else your coordinates will be off in editmode.

in edit mode the vertices can be moved directly from the N-panel. Another cool thing you can do is to select one, then hit one of the transformation keys - G, S, R - and then just type the numbers on your numpad. If you want to move a vertex to, say an X position of 3.125, just hit: G, X, (numpad) 3.125, enter.

then there’s the cursor trick. If you want a group of vertices to move to the same plane, you can first move one (as described above), then hit shift-S and select “cursor to selected”. Then, select the cursor as the pivot (in the dropdown right beside shading below your 3D view, don’t remember the key). Select the rest of the vertices and hit: S, X, (numpad) 0, enter. Presto! Aligned in a plane.