Moving your character

Hey guys, i recently made a character walk and run but my character only runs/walks in place. How do i make it so he moves foward to?

You should have a bone in your armature (the body bone, master bone or Center of Gravity bone) that all the other bones are parented to in one way or another. Move this bone and your entire character moves.

The trick is to move it such that the feet planted on the ground don’t look like they are sliding around.

One way to do that is to place little marker objects (on another layer, so you can not render them by not selecting the layer) at the location of the foot, then after repositioning the limbs, move the body so that the stationary foot is back on the mark.

wat i do is wen i come to my next pose. i leave the planted foot alone and just grab the torso and the other foot and move it forward sure way to make sure it doenst move, especially since your not moving it

k thanks guys.