Movit - library for processing video on GPU

Hi, i read an article about a gpl2 licensed library for color grading on the gpu.

Maybe someone is interested and perhaps its better then the grading tools currently available in the vse :smiley:

WOW! that was impressive. and that’s on a 2971×1671 px large. image.

could make some frequently used nodes lot faster.

hmmm i don’t get it what is awesome in this i work on bigger resolutions in photoshop and it works really smooth on my really old PC

Actually PS is quite slow. Open an image this size, switch to 32bit per channel and try curves.

Best part is “On a GT9800 with Nouveau drivers I was able to get 10.9 fps (92.1 ms/frame) for a 2971×1671px large image.”

Lets have o look at a openGL performance comparison Nouveau vs. Binary Nvidia driver at phoronix:

So lets assume it scales like doom3 - wonderful! Now replace the 9800 with something fermi/kepler or an comparable AMD card.

really? do you have photoshop because i think you don’t have because if you have it you would know that there is no curves on 32bit per channel

but on 16bit per channel is and on twice bigger resolution and 300DPI because i work with photos quite a lot… work perfect!

I would love to see a better video sequencer for blender… faster,easier to edit, etc… ala motion or after fx…

I know blender is mainly a 3D app , but the sequencer is there allready…

Pleaeeeee. :slight_smile:

Compiling was easy here - ubuntu 12.10.
The demo features controls for lift/gamma/gain, saturation and two ways to sharpen.

Results with a gtx570
720p - ~59,8 fps (caps at monitor refresh rate)
1080p - ~59,8 fps (caps at monitor refresh rate)
4K super 1.85 (4096 × 2216) - 39,1 fps
8K uhdtv (7680 × 4320) - 13,7 fps

Hot shit.

i’ve just compiled it but the documentation is nearly nonexistent, so i’m not sure what i’m supposed to be doing with the binaries. i tried running “demo” via command line but i’m only getting an error about it not being able to load an image. do i need to recompile, do you suppose? or am i missing something important?

@affenmann: could you shed a little light? :slight_smile:

edit: ah i just saw this: “The demo application in the video above is part of the library. It tries to use an image that isn’t part of the bundle due to licensing, so you can just place and rename any JPEG you have around, or tweak the source code.”