Mowing the Lawn

This picture is pretty much self-explanitory, it was made useing text converted into a mesh, then after some strategic knifing to even out vertices i used the very impressive 2.40 particle system to make all of the grass. The render was done in Yafray, but looks almost identical in blender internal. Please, all of the comments and crits you can give
P.S if you couldn’t guess my name is David

That looks great, very realistic, it reminds me of those custom cut hedges :slight_smile: Inact, that would be quite a good idea for you to try, maybe model something natural e.g. a horse, place it in a garden scene, and then apply that effect (but make the grass shorter and more dence) it would look awesome :smiley:

Keep it up!

From Daniel

I like it. It reminds of an old C64 game called “Hovver Bovver” where you cut the grass.