moxy- the video editor

(theraz) #1

Does anyone have any files from the old video editor moxy (Linux)? The site has been down for ages, but I would like to try it out. Also, any opinions regarding this tool would be great (I need to do some video editing, and I really dislike all of the tools available for Linux, except for Blender, which may get good video editing tools soon). I believe it was a Blender user who made this… am I right?
Thanks in advance,
The Raz

(Eric) #2

cinelerra ain’t that bad.

(theraz) #3

I have yet to conquer Cinelerra’s braindead errors, after months of trying. errors (as in, can’t find the codecs)?
WTF! Quicktime 4 Linux is included in the Cinelerra package.
I think the program is BS. Not to mention the fact that the user community is absolutely worthless, and the developer has yet to return my emails, 2 months after I sent them.
I’ll pass, thank you.
The Raz