mozilla+flash= insanity

Dammit this is killing me. I’m trying to upgrade firefox to the latest flash installation, but for some reason, I can’t update the flash player in firefox. Unfortunatley, the adobe website doesn’t give a whole lot of information on windows flash player installations. I’ve tried going into the the plugins folder of FF, & using the ‘GETFLASH’ thing, & everytime it says the update was successful. However, even after I restart my computer, flash doesn’t work right.:mad:

QT insists on trying to play my divx avi’s and crashes all my Firefox windoze too. so, once you get your silly ass little problem solved, would you work on mine? thx.

Have you tried removing Flash first, then installing the new version?

When you go to the URL “about:plugins” what does it tell you, if anything, about the flash plugin?

Flash 9 is up and working on Linux, it works perfect now.

probly just need to reformat your hard drive, reinstall ur os, all utilities, and then apps in order until Flash doesnt work anymore. then uninstall that last app and then never change anything. Ensure automatic updates are turned off. And then tell me why WMP cannot play an avi from the net and says there’s a proxy issue when I’m not even using a proxy.

Funny thing, the same happened to me, but with IE7. Uninstall flash completely, remove every trace of flash in your registry, reboot and then try again.