Mozilla; Google crippling its products on any browser that isn't Chrome

Remember the fact that Google ditched its “don’t be evil” motto sometime back. Now it apparently wants Chrome to have a monopoly and Firefox and friends sent to obscurity (at least this is how Mozilla puts it)

It’s gone so far as to actually block some services like Google Earth so they can only be accessed with Chrome. Too bad the competition hasn’t done a very good job in creating something that’s actually far better from a user and code standpoint (Microsoft Virtual Earth anyone?), as Google is becoming one of those businesses that nobody likes (which even includes those who are usually pro-business).

Perhaps the increasing gravity of the situation will give the developers of the alternative services (or the wannabe open standards) the kick in the pants they need so they can match Google’s feature-for-feature and then some.


I wouldn’t mind so much if they had a decent sidebar bookmark app.

But that aside, no one (including me) likes the 800-pound gorilla.