Mozilla Thunderbird & Blender Subscription

Is it possible to subscribe to any of these forums using a newsreader? So threads can be viewed in threaded format?

Do you mean via RSS…

…Yes, look at the bottom of the page and click on the RSS link there, and click on the Subscribe Now button, the process might vary depending on the browser and reader your using…

Okay this worked fairly easy. However, it appears to have only subscribed to a single page. Is it possible to subscribe to an entire thread?

Not sure… I’ve never had any problems with Akregator going to any subsequent pages…

…Though if I have a comment, I open up the page in a web browser to make it…

I’m using thunderbird… I was trying to subscribe to some specific threads I was interested in.

Thank you anyways for your help

I think that if you subscribe you get all the threads, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly… (Que well known western theme tune):stuck_out_tongue:

But it does mean that you might find something interesting that otherwise you would not be aware of…:yes::yes:

It appears that the forums only allow a subscription to main pages. For example, I can subscribe to the “News & Discussion” thread and view all the headers for each article title such as “Mozilla Thunderbird & Blender Subscription”.

I would like to be able to subscribe to the “Mozilla Thunderbird & Blender Subscription”, and view each positing within this particular thread. Does that make sense?

Definitely, But if we could subscribe to individual threads, then the BA database would in all probability suffer a catastrophic meltdown, and be a pool of slag on somebodies basement floor…:evilgrin:

…That, and the Administrators:ba: would be putting a price on both our heads for suggesting such a thing in the first place…:evilgrin:

I’m not sure I follow. I have used newsreaders in the past using NNTP and have received tens of thousands or articles. For example when I attended the University of Phoenix.

So do I understand correctly that you also can only subscribe to “News and Discussion” and not an entire thread under it?

You can subscribe to individual threads through email notification helpfully located in the ‘Thread Tools’ menu.

This is a web based bulletin board, not a news group. Two completely different things.