I want to know which one is better: internet explorer or mozilla. I’m using myie2… Which is practically internet explorer. Please tell my why you think internet explorer or mozilla are better.

mozilla has some great extensions, and I love using it. It does have some bugs and annoyances, but I prefer it over IE. And it is safer.

Mozilla definately. Particularly Firefox.

It runs smoother and more secure. It’s also skinnable.

I use firefox all the time too but some people don’t like to follow W3C standards for their websites and instead follow Microsoft’s ‘standards’ so certain sites only work on IE. I use a Mac so I use firefox for general browsing and safari for sites that firefox doesn’t like (mainly ones with certain types of javascript and shockwave flash) and IE when the worst comes to the worst.

First I used IE, afther finding out it installs bargain crap and spyware progs automaticly, I started using Mozilla. But Mozilla had some crash bugs, when it scrashed the settings and all where gone. So I downloaded Firefox, and I can say, it really Rox, awesome prog and very userfriendly. I love the way it;s blokcing popups and another junk. Defently a must have browser on your pc like Thunderbird for e-mail client. You must try it, ([edit] You have to try it[/edit]. 8)

Umm I think IE has now been publicy announced “dangerous” because of its security settings.
Plus all opensource software is better than closedsource software.
So go with Mozilla:Firefox or Opera.

hmm, i dident think that IE was so “dangerous”, i think i may switch to Mozilla to.
i tryed opera and mozilla, but i dident like them(mehbe becaus im used to IE…)

All I know is that a piece of software that downloads executables without me knowing of it, from potentially hostile websites, is dangerous.

The last time someone brought this up I argued for IE because you can tweak your security to suit you - but since I switched to firefox.

It is safer, but disregarding safety, here are the other reasons I like it.

  • Integrated Google search in a single, concise text box (not a full toolbar that takes up another 1/2" of your screen.

  • Conciseness as a whole (the button interface, address box, and Google search are all along a single narrow line - unlike IE’s bulky interface) I like seeing more webpage and less clutter. You can customize IE’s bar too, but Firefox is this way out of the box and there’s no hassle in doing it.

  • Tabulated pages; Firefox doesn’t open up a new window and crowd your taskbar unless you want it to. You can have several webpages all indexed by tabs in a single window, and when you aren’t using the tabs the spot where they appear clears out for webpage viewing space.

  • Automatic Pop-up blocker - no need for sketchy third party software that will take up viewing space with a toolbar or take extra system recourses by running in the background. A lot of those progs contain spyware - stuff I like to avoid.

The major problem I have had with it is getting plug-ins to work. You use Netscape plugins but some of them either don’t work correctly or don’t come for any prog but IE in the first place. One place I’ve had the most problems with is the US patent office website. I like to read through patents to understand how things work (screw - read the patent!) but the old patents are only indexed by number and viewable by downloading TIF files through an integrated plugin - a plugin that won’t work in Mozilla.

Another problem is poor webpage design keeping me from viewing anything - a fault in the design, not necessarily the program.