One of the 4 posters that I made for fun.

This one is called ‘Mozzartrella’. A piece of mozzarella cheese, shaped as Mozart, sheds a tear as it watches its violin get chopped.

Visit my portfolio to see the other 3 posters :

Amazing stuff man

Hhahah great concept and well designed!

Fun piece with a lovely glow.

Haha really funny idea! Just like the other works of this series, awesome!

you should give appropriate credit

Fantastic . . . all the way around! :cool:

Fantastic! Love this.

haha! Well executed! I’m French and I wish I could buy my cheese in that shape :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Keek, if you click on the given link and go to the Behance page, where this project is originally posted, you will see that I have given appropriate credits to ‘Axel’ in the project description.

i see, sorry.

holly mozzarella

Mamma Mia! Not the violin!

Beautiful Mozzarella. It looks really cool! One day, I will be as good as you talented artist.

ahahaha super cool! the description was not needed though, better to realize yourself, the reward is much bigger

background elements taken from Italian style?

I saw your work first on Behance and i’m pretty impressed. Still, the tomato seems not convincing.

Amazing! love the whole concept… love these mozella. Beside than that. Tomato looks good but still need work on it… that’s all… Keep going and you will alot better such soon!

It’s a great work well done

really nice stuff.

Awesome! My one critique is that the cheese doesn’t have eyes, so it’s hard to tell that it’s a tear if it’s not coming from everywhere. Still great though.