MP3 player "biTTo"

Well, posting mp3 players seems to be in fasion, and who am I to eskew fasion? :slight_smile: Actually I had a lot of fun making this, I think I’ll probably do a few more ‘product’ projects.

Looks great. Keep up the good work.

No, it doesn’t
The mesh is nice, but try and have some fun with the materials, cos now it doesn’t look great just bcos of the materials.

Yes, the materials need some work (except for the cable and plug, which are really great). The combination of blue tones is horrible :D.

And the composition confuses me a bit - I would prefer if the player wasn’t upside down (but maybe it’s just me).

There are gaps between the control panel and the display (left and right, caused by subdiv). You could open your meshes to get rid of these - they would be dust catchers in a real product :D.

Enough crits, I think that these are just minor issues - keep it up!

Yes. The player is ok, but the plug and cord are excellent.