Mp3 Player Walkman

It’s not very great compared to all of these models around here, but I decided to do some rendering and practice some for my portfolio. This is an exact replica of my mp3 player that I listen to when ever I’m blending… I’m actually quite happen on how it turned out, for my first real blender it’s nice :slight_smile:

Here it is:

Yes, I mean to have the Suzanne there because I want you guys to see the reflections…

Crits and comments are welcome, it’s my first real render, don’t act like I’m stupid please ;),

No offense, but unless it’s for a game it’s not that good =/

You shouldn’t use normal maps like you did (for a render) just subsurf it!

I didn’t use normal maps 0.o

So it’s just a cube with a image mapped on it?

basicly… :/, I’m not very good at this am I? lol, no, it’s a bunch of circles extruded and modified… Not to complicated.

Hey don’t be that harsh…For a first finished blend it is pretty awesome IMO!A lot better than my first finished project…Good job,and keep blending!;)(altough I suggesst using subsurf too,it would mae the image a LOT better)

Please post a wire so I can understand the mesh. Sorry if I sound harsh, lol… I’m not trying to be mean or harsh, I was just trying to understand the topology of the mesh, it’s (kinda) poorly lit. Post a wire and/or clay render.

I didn’t think you were being harsh :confused:
@Clewer: Thanks for the comment!
The only think I did was make a bunch of meshes(cubes, circles mostly), extruded them, manipulated the vertices, UV textured it and that’s it not much :confused:
Here is the wireframe:


Some changes I’d make would be

Edit the texture in photoshop (or similar) and edit out the shiny edges (make it flat colors)
Subsurf the mesh (this mean re-UVMapping)
Work on the materials in blender
Re light the scene

Mostly for future references (seeing as this is in finished projects I assume you’re done with it)

I don’t feel that this should be in finished projects just yet IMO

you did a wonderful job =D sure the edges on the player could be a bit more smooth… but hell, it looks good =)

(btw awesome ghost monkies!)

Ok, I’ll leave it as it is though, I’ll use your ideas when I do another render because I did this just render… A learning experience (maybe I should of posted this in the focus critique forum) because I just wanted to get suggestions…

@Kamlanie: ha ha, thanks, but just because I’m young doesn’t mean I can’t take a bit of critique. I’m not going to cry, they way you said made me think you felt bad lol ha ha btw, the ghost monkey is something to test the reflection :wink: Thanks for the comment!

Just tell me what you seriously think and tell me some suggestions. That’s what I’m asking.

Thanks for the suggestions,

Edit: Mods move it to focus critique section please :slight_smile:

At the corner, there’s some shading and lighting that looks, bleah, but the texturing looks ok, and it’s a simple model to begin with. I think putting it in a scene would be a good idea, like where it would be on your desk while you work, or on a notebook or something. Putting it in a setting can give even the simplest objects some character, and that can make people think they’re more believable.

Looks good, but like others said I think if the corners were more rounded it would be better :slight_smile: