mp3 player

is there a mp3 player written in python that i can use in blender GameEngine

i don’t know gameEngine, but mp3 isn’t GNU License -> In the sequence editor of blender, I work with .wav.

The format GPL Licence is .ogg [Open free audio] ->, but blender don’t import this format :-?


You could try pymedia but I dunno if this works with blender.

Well actually there was a .ogg Vorbis support in the 2.25 game engine. But you needed to publish it as a dynamic runtime. But it worked. I don’t know if the 2.34 engine has the same function inside it. :-?

a mp3 player that is coded in python
a ogg player will work

i didn’t have much luck with oggs in 2.25,…every ogg i loded stuttered and skipped and slowed everything down. completely non usable. would be nice if we could bring back ogg support though in a more usable way.