mp3 player

Quick model of a mp3 player based on the ipod. Crits welcome.
Note: i know the screen is upside down il fix that along with any thing else that needs doing later.


i don’t like the floating notes…did u do this for a reason???

its not about what you like, its about what the artist likes, if you dont like floating notes you never have to use them, maby simbadinuk like floating notes, dont discourage other artists preferences.

Simbadinuk: Nice… maby square off the screen better so that we can see the whole of the menu… otherwise its nice.


lol the notes were just a sort of unique touch.

I like the notes just don’t let them block anything

Looks aalright, work on the softness of your models a bit, they seem to have some sharp edges. Allso the button(s) look a bit weird. And it looks like the player is pused inside the speaker instead of leaning on it.

Keep up the good work!

sry if i discouraged you simbadinuk i am only commenting for the greater good of your work.I did comment that only because i was worried that it would block the main attraction of this peice of work.Good work,keep it up!:smiley:

I think it looks pretty good, but is it supposed to be all reversed? All the info on the screen and the @ symbol on it are reversed. Otherwise, neat design

thanks for the comments
Redxiii: il work on softenin the edges and i hadfnt noticed it was in the speaker lol also not sure whats going on with the bottons. :s
trak wreker: lol its ok.
cloudhaacker: the @ symbol is just a temporary logo, and im trying to sorty the screen out.