mp3: theme from fugue B DWK I

Here is some recent 1/2 h work around the theme from Bach’s fugue B major DWK 1
But in my way.

1740kB, 01:14

What do you think?


edit: and all the stuff here is brand new, recorded at home.
Feel free to use it non-commercially as long as You contact me, of course.
You know, the usual disclaimer :smiley:

song sounds like it could be something… some nice jazzy things in there…
but instruments I dont really like. I have no clue how music is made, so I don’t know if these are just “placeholders” for instruments that you bring later on… but as they are, they sound quite simple. “happy computer tune”.


Question for you:

Was that improvised or is it something you programmed in? The answer would definitely influence how I feel about the thing.

Thanks for replying :smiley: I recorded it (partly thought-out partly improvised, but all “live”) at home using my electronic piano, using audio input, and my piano’s built in samples (yeah I know, Basse, but it’s all i can make out of this thing). I can easily make some score out of it and do a fully “live” recording, but I don’t have time for serious fiddling with it.
And for the question about programming in, you mean, manually write it in MIDI and then let my soundcard play it? (The only one pregrammed music I heard about were mere and unsuccesful events in early 60’s, if You mean letting the computer develop music more or less freely (there is Band-in-a-Box software, but I don’t know much about it and have never used it) )
So, to answer the question: I played every note here, in phrase-lenghted chunks and positioned it in the multi-track wave editor


And I’m longing for a USB-MIDI cable, good, standard compliant soundcard and some expensive software a’la Gigastudio :stuck_out_tongue:

So played live, arranged and edited in the computer. Pretty cool.

I remember you mentioning Csound in another thread, hence my programming question. Procedural electronic music is still alive and well though not very popular.

I share your feelings about Gigastudio!