(Bentagon) #1

I’ve just finished my H&K MP5 SD for a game I’m designing…
Any comments??
this is how it probably will be viewed ingame:

if you can’t see the images, follow this link: nr.9 to 12


(BgDM) #2

Looks very good, especially for a game engine.

Any textures for this, or is someones else doing those?

What game? I want to know.


(Bentagon) #3

actually, it’s rendered in Blender but I’m not using the engine of Blender for the game, I’m gonna use the quest3D engine ( It can handle huge polycounts for the price of the package ($ 750). Unfortunatly, I’m only 15 so I’m still saving to buy it. I have about $ 600 right now on my own bank account (my parents own another one for me, but I can’t use money of that cause they want to save it for when I grow up…
The game I’m designing is called ‘SPOOK’, and it will be a cell-shaded first person shooter, just like ‘XIII’ (actually, I’m having this idea for over 3 years, but never came to really developing it). I want to make it cell-shaded for 2 reasons:

  1. I have always wanted to make my own interactive cartoon (game)
  2. I planned to design the game on my own, but I suck at skinning, so toony skins would be much easier to design. But since 2 - 3 months, I’ve noticed that I won’t be able to do it on my own :frowning: , so I’m going to search 2d-artist(s) (level-texturing and a bit of skinning), level-designers, 3d-artist(s) (character models), animators (ingame and cut-scenes) and someone who is familiar with the programming-style of Quest3D, as soon as I have bought the program.
    The game will contain a tutorial, multiple quick missions, and a storyline. Not a very long one, cause it’s actually sort of an ‘intro’ of a serie of 4 (or 5) games I want to design, called ‘Orbis Terrarum’. This will be the first one.
    As you can see, I have huge plans (I want to make it in the gaming business when I grow up), and I hope I will be able to complete those plans, altough I probably won’t. More info about the game at, as soon as I have the engine and some people who want to design the game with me.

Oh yeah, sponsoring is welcome! :stuck_out_tongue: