mp5 sd2

did this a while ago, and i havent quite figured out what to do with it.
i might make a small game from it, like target shooting.
C&C welcome


mp5_sd2.blend (936 KB)

amazingly detailed! It could make a great first person shooter game!

Very, very nice.

Indeed nice blendy. Good Job. This may make for a good game. If there’s anything I can do for ya, gimmee a call.

Really cool!
Perfect for FPS games.

i´m working on mouselook, but somehow up/down is inverted, why?

Because the one you’re using sux.
Use this one.If you don’t have PDF use my html version.

haha, ok. i´m at school now, but i´ll check it out when i get home.

Hey. Trying to make a game so I can sell it. Do you mind if I used this MP5 model in my game?

not bad except the textures are stretched along the top and the bottom those could be fixed but other than that nice job

thank you thank you thank you very much