MP5 Sub-machine gun

Hi all,

Did I tell you that there was going to be guns in my project? Despite the emphasis on KungFu there will be the use of guns.

I started work on this last night. It still needs some tweaking and I think the reflections are a little too much but this is my progress so far.

Feedback wanted

you got skilz man, you got skilz.

almost scary how you pick up a project and run with it…anyways, the reflections should be turned down just a little.

nice gun btw

that is the nicest gun i have seen made in blender, and one of the nicest guns made in cg! it is sweet.

Very nicely modeled. But yea the reflection is a bit high.

I think the model is ok, but your texturing and materials really make this a great piece. Well Done.

Not bad, but the lighting could use some touching up. Some areas are too dark to see, others are too bright.

Polys are visible in some areas as well.

Not too bad all around, keep it up, a very promising model!

I’d like to see the finished product!!


i think that the handle and other bumpy parts look too much like plastic…and the part where the ammo is loaded looks kinda jagged. bevel on

The clip has some visible polys, as well as the sights at the non-buisness end of the barrel.

It’s way better than the MP5 I made for my Blender Monkey Assault Unit poster. Nice.