I finished my MP5A4 and put a red dot sight, silencer and front grip on it.


wow, very nice modeling! How did you model it? Pcture as background image or somthing else?

I don’t know if it’s just me but the texture makes it look a little off (in what way im not sure). Anybody think differently?

I used a pic im my background to model. The scope and grip were from another model so the color is a bit different and i didnt change it yet, if thats what you meant. Im not sure.


The aimpoint (which is what it’s called) could use some work. Also, the supressor seems off center (with the barrel). The rest of the MP5/A4 looks good. Nice job :slight_smile:

BTW: Is a handle really needed for an MP5? :-?

Don’t like the texture on the flashlight and red-dot, it’s too shiney. Also, it looks like you really half-assed the stock, which doesn’t fit with the rest of the weapon. The stock on the real gun has heavily rounded edges, which your gun clearly does not. Otherwise, it looks good, and I like it. But I really wouldn’t call it finished until you fix the stock.

Wasnt the silencer built-in in MP5?

very nice model. guns :).

anyways, the thing is very nice overall, but the laser sight looks pretty big. The mp5 otherwise seems exceptional. it looks like you included the little switches and everything. is there any chance of a larger render???

Ill try to improve on those little points and make a larger render. Thanks for the imput.


what a nice red X

Heres a MP5SD5:


Much better.

very nice, this is what i was thinking. modelling and texturing = good. more guns!

Well, im currently working on an AK47. It will be finished soon. Thanks for the comments.