no trigger, IT’S USELESS!

pretty cool man, finish it off and ill see what I think:D.

i can never get my stuff to look so smooth, yet not smotth in areas that arent curved, but it still has that ‘smooth’ look :stuck_out_tongue: how do i do it

Have you tried sub-surfing?

no what is it:confused:

In edit mode, go into add modifier then subsurf. crank it up to level three then set smooth and you will get a lot smoother mesh. tho i think your gun dosnt need anymore smoothing. its good as it is.

belive me for this model the subsurf is not a good idea…
(or youll have to use alot of shift+e)

using subsurf isnt to bad of an idea, exept its near impsobile to make sertain areas on the object straight, the only way to do that is to add an edge loop then pput it VERY close the the streight edge, making them almost overlap… which adds ugly wireframes and sometimes messes with the mesh itself…

meh-subsurfs a bad idea for weapon models-its too imprecise.

Loving the model-whats the polycount?

ive had blender for about two and a half weeks now and im still a n00b at things. this is my 3rd project ever and my very first time using subsurf. picture updated see on first post. i dont know how find the polycount tigger. and my wireframe is soooo messed up you dont even want to see it. its basically pitch black.

This is a really good model for only 2 and 1/2 weeks.

hmm, i forgot about this thread. well, if any of you were wondering what i’ve done to my mp5k, here ya go:

190,893 vertices (like i said)

rendered in blender internal…back in the day when i had no idea what yafray, indigo, sunflow or for that matter, render engines were. never even heard of ambient occlusion, nodes, blender physics such as liquid simulation or soft body. i was so focused on modeling and didn’t know jack about any of blenders other features:)