MPD Patrol Unit

I have been training a bit on texturing and started to learned to use Inkscape for vector graphics. The result is this bogus futuristic police report.
The model is one I did a few month ago and never had time to texture.
I used gimp for texture creation and rendered the model with yafray and simple GI on a grey world.

I had fun inventing the specs for this bogus report. You can better read them on the full size version. Nevermind the nonsense.

Hope you like it. Coms and crits are naturally welcome.


P.S.: The front window of the ship is grey… sob sob sob… I couldn’t find time to design the cockpit yet, so I thought this was an ok alternative :D. Will do better for other scene with that model (in preparation but will come soon)

Click here for hi-res version

How does it lift off the ground? I don’t see any jet boosters under the ship. Very cool design none the less!

Texturing is nice.


amazing texture work! great job on the model too, it reminds me a lot of a the thunderhead drop ships from WH40k (although i’d never admit i knew what one looks like :wink: )

little too much white “dirt” on the engine intakes IMO, just looks odd, also some of the rust in the seams looks too solid, could add a bit of noise to it. Model is really cool as well as the fake report.

Hot damn that is some nice work you’ve done there!
I would really like to see a full size render of the bottom right pic.
And would really really really like to see an animation. :wink:

Only to change is the lighting. Needs to be brighter.

But other than that, exceptional work, TheWood. :smiley:

good job with texturing.

What is the polycount? With those texturing skills you could easily get to game industry…

wow. once again you’ve made an excellent image.

im gonna have to agree about the white-dirt. there it a little to much. almost makes it look like the ship is falling apart.

Thanks for your comments guys!

Wolf: There are two reactors facing down on the belly of the patrol unit. They are not clearly visible on the pictures on the report but here they are:

traitor: I didn’t know about wh40k but it seems to be pretty cool (are you referring to the video game? I did a quick search on google but could not see any dropship yet, but I think the game looks really cool). Thanks for your comments.

Khnum: I might change that if it looks too odd. I did a little search to see what aluminium aloy would look like when scratched and it looks very white to me. But I admit I might have been too generous in the white here :slight_smile: Thanks for your appreciation.

redbyte: here’s for your request:

The lighting here was meant to be neutral for the blueprint type of image. I tried different lighting but most of the time some details would be too bright or too dark. So I ended up with that neutral look.
I am still a beginner in animations, but I had thought about playing around with this model for a first anim post. My problem is that I have a whole lot of ideas for other projects which are pending in my brain and notes/squetches. Soon perhaps. Thanks for your comments.

toonist: the polycount is 55,297, which is probably a little too much for games. Thanks for your comments. I am still a bad game texturer though, I have 17mb of textures on this, which is way too heavy for games. I might try to reduce them size to 256x256 to see their weights.

Thanks again guys, I really apreciate it.



Thanks Nehpets! The “once again” is very generous of you :D. I will reduce this white then :smiley:

or maybe add some dirt to it, I just don’t see too many cop cars, or military vehicles that look that trashed, usually a government keeps there ships in tip top shape, sure they might get some wear and tear but nothing that extreme.

Very nice work :D.

I actually think the scratches are too much around the engines, but maybe that’s just me. 8)


Beautiful Texturing!

looks really good, especially the textures. but for some reason i dont like the side view…too boxy

:smiley: pretty cool! great work on the textures too.

i think the windows should look more like glass though.

Awsome work!

Theres to many scratches round the engines its like birds have “pooped” on it ( alot ).
When aluminium gets scratched it more of a dull grey colour.

If you made it longer it would resemble a Warhammer 40K dropship :smiley:

overall really good, but I too think theres too many scrathes on the upper engines; fewer and bigger scraches imo. And why is the landing-gear unharmed? needs the same amount of wear/tear as the rest of the model :slight_smile:

…but i love the render anyways :=)

Hello! Sorry I took so long to answer. I was quite busy this week end.

First of all, thanks again to all of you for your feedback.

Khnum: I agree with the law enforcement taking great care of their vehicles. However, in a place where you need that kind of ship for police patrols, I think they do not care about some scratches. Thanks for pointing that out.

Obiwan_C: There are definitely too many scratches. I am working on removing some of them (thanks god I kept all the precious xcf files I created with Gimp… it should be done in no time).

Blende: I am glad this texturing exercise as good feedback.
:smiley: Thanks for you comments.

4go10soul: This is curious. The side view is my favorite one. As a matter of fact this is how I thought the all ship at first and I inprovised the other 2 dimensions. I guess it must be subjective.

artist: I am working on the glass material for the window but wanted to design the cockpit before, which I just did. Soon there should be another render with a better window.

kit89: LOL. It is true it looks like a bad bird attack. Let’s say it just ran into a pigeon nest with bad digestion problems (poor pigeons) :smiley:
It is true that some aluminium aloy are grey when scratched but it depends on the percentage of other metals in the aloy. I will definitely look at this WH40k thing. It looks cool.

Claws: Very good point about the landing gear. I did not really notice that.
This is the outcome of my “result vs time spent texturing ratio” phobia. The smaller the piece of the model, the more time it seems you spend time on the texture for that very piece.

Thanks again for your comments and crits.

Hope to come soon with something better.



Wow! :o That’s incredible. One quick quesiton, if I may? How did you get the textures to appear so sharp in the render? I wish my texturing skills were that good.

You inspire me to go and make some rusted metal thing. :wink:

Thanks Clean3D!
I usually try to avoid grains in my renders (such as the one you get with sky dome method in yafray if you are not setting it to best quality) and I use high definition texture (for main textures in a model, I never go under 1000x1000 which is the size here for the hull, engines and wing textures). This is naturally not recommended for game texturing, but I am not really into game creation yet.
Also, in this case, I used a neutral grey background which makes things appear brighter and sharper with no “color polution”, bringing the details to life more easily.
As for the rendering method used here, it is yafray full method with 2 and 1 for depth and cdepth respectively. The lighting is simply GI power 10 and emitpower of 1 on a grey world (no lamps here… I was too lazy :0).

I played around with these settings to come with an acceptable self-satisfaction (I am never fully satisfied with my models but I try 8) )

Hope this answer your question. Feel free to ask for more info should you need it.