Mpeg to any other format: avi, mov, I don't care. Just get it converted with AUDIO.

Mpeg to any other format: avi, mov, I don’t care. Just get it converted with AUDIO.

HOW? Virtual dub won’t load it, Windows movie maker thinks its only audio, VideoMach thinks its only video, and I don’t know how to get this MPEG into some format I can edit and have both the audio and video present!

I’ve got to have an answer soon. If anyone could play around and figure it out, I would hold you in high respect forever.:slight_smile:

I’ve been trying for 2 weeks now…

Well, you can convert the audio to WAV or something using Windows Movie Maker, convert the video to .avi with VideoMach and put them together with Virtualdub!

I considered that, but windows media player only exports to dadgum .wma files, which Virtual dub can’t load. Frankly, I’m trying to edit with Axogon composer in the end (the free version I dl’ed).

This seems so hopeless…

thanks for the effort though.

What version of Virtualdub are you using? What error message do you get? All MPEG files work fine for me. Also try TMPGEnc to output to .avi.

V-Dub version 1.6.15

Well, try TMPGEnc, I’m sure it’ll work fine.

I’m dl’ing tMPGEnc now…thanks.

Another question I have is why doesn’t vdub import this .mpg file correctly?

“MPEG Import Filter: invalid pack at position 3: marker bit not set; possibly MPEG-2 stream.” is the error message I get.

It’s probably an MPEG-2 file, which Virtualdub doesn’t support.

oh my gosh. TMPGEnc doesn’t load it. errors.

I’m in tons of trouble here. :frowning:

Huh…okay, try this, then.

Bink Game/Video tools:

This will allow you to convert from MPEG-2 straight to an AVI and codec of your choice :wink:

Not sure why I didn’t think of RAD Tools even though I use it often. Give that a try also.

The Video Lan Client transcode would probably work. I’ve had some success with it. It is slow at times though.

File menu, transcode file. I think you can export to mp4, which is probably the codec with the best quality per file size encoding you will get. This file will play in Quicktime, VLC, MPlayer etc.

You can also use ffmpeg for encoding. There are lots of GUIs around for it these days.

If it is an mpeg-2 file, they can come with a variety of audio formats. I used to think they always came with .ac3 but I recently came across one with a .pcm audio track, which I had to demux and convert to aiff before I could compress it.

MPlayer/Mencoder/Transcode is great at converting things into other things, with or without sound. There are many tutorials on how to do it on-line.

But VirtualDub-MPEG2 does… (read only)

Which is why I posted a link to it in post #10 :wink:

Wow, I’d like to thank all you for your help today! I’m on dial up here, so dl’ing is slow, but right now I’m working on the Bink tools. I can’t believe I didn’t remember them.

One more question. In the MPEG 2 V-dub I dl’ed, when I import it, the video becomes stretched vertically and shortened horizontally…whats up with this?

EDIT 2: Nm, I just manually set the width X height to the right size and it comes out fine. Thanks to all!

I’d try AutoGordianKnot under Windows or MPlayer under Linux.

Mpeg-2 is often shot in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio but it can be done in 4:3. Most of the programs I’ve used default to 4:3. I know that in ffmpegx, you have to choose the DVD 16:9 encoding option or it comes out taller and narrower but manual sizing works there too.

More likely due to the possibility of your footage being shot on a DVD camcorder in LP (long play) mode, which only records half of the horizontal pixels, then defines the correct AR in the MPEG header so that it plays at normal aspect. This allows more footage to be recorded on a platter, tho at an obviously lower quality. Your solution was the one I use. (I luv Vdub!)