MPG/AVI textures in GE?

This must have been asked before, but I can’t find it …

Is there any way to use MPG/AVI textures in the 2.48 build using GLSL? I can see the “realtime options” dialogue in the UV window, but whenever I change the “end frame” to more than 0, it hops back to 0 again. I’d love to have a cube with different videos on different faces, for example, and would rather avoid the rather complicated frame-by-frame GIF route that I think used to exist.

Thanks in advance.

By the way, I would paste in the Q&A thread on this forum but always get harassed by “A user name and password are being requested by The site says: “CLOSED”” and have to click abou 10 times to close it. Too annoying to use!

search forum for “animated textures” - there is a plugin that works (windows only iirc). Polorix is dead. RIP.

That’s good if polarix is gone, every other page on this site
I think they’re trying to get revenge for all the downloading blender people do. :smiley:
3000 gigabytes a month from this what is this blender?!? Gaggrrgghh!

Thanks for the responses.

I found the animated texture plugin threads, but they all seem to relate to stuff that is out of date and/or no longer developing. I was hoping that the brand new GLSL implementation would have meant that this was something that now just worked, but it sounds like it doesn’t.

Ah well, it was just a dream …

If you’re referring to Ashid’s video texture plugin, then yes, that died. I think it broke with 2.46. As far as I know, there still isn’t any means to do video textures.