MPlayer question

I’m using the MPlayer plugin for video on my Linux box and I never figured out how to get sound working on QuickTime 6.x and have problems with seeing video on WM 9.x and up. Is anyone having any luck here or have a better free solution?

same 2 problems here… will play audio from wmv but no video , and no audio from quicktime :frowning: i’ve loaded just about every codec on this machine with no luck.

DigitalSlav, I don’t think we are going to get a reply on this. All of the information that I’ve found suggests that the Sorenson audio codec we need for QuickTIme 6.x sound isn’t going to make into MPlayer any time in the near future. As far as WM goes, I’m not sure if I really care about that. People all over the place are using DivX now, which is supported under Linux and OSX.