MQ-9 Reaper Udated 5-23-11

Hey guys working on a Reaper, here’s where I’m at so far, will upload as progress continues. Would love some feedback, this is the hardest thing I’ve tried to model so far. Once I’m done with it, it will be uploaded to for free.

Small update, plus a secondary picture showing more detail.

Comments, criticism, questions welcome. What do you guys think?

This is shaping up really nicely! Are you working from a schematic or a reference photo?

Little of both, I found a pretty crappy schematic that I used for general shape and then switched over to reference photos for more accurate detailing and shape.

Update #3 worked on the wings a little and camera.

Ok this is by no means done or near perfect but I’m moving on to other things, so this will be the final update.

Got the back propeller worked up, and did some additional work on the camera. Thoughts anyone. 300+ views and like two comments. Hmmm.

It looks pretty good, model-wise. You should texture it up and put it in a scene!

Update: not a lot of modeling done, started some texture work and composting. what do you guys think.

I don’t know, but references show that wings are not perfectly straight, they have subtle curves. Also I feel the wing length is slightly out of proportion
It’s good design so far, for me very interesting and perhaps an aberration too.

megastor, thanks for the crits, can you show me the referance you looking at. The blueprint I modeled off of showed pretty straight wings. Do you think the wings are under or over proportion?

It looks pretty accurate to me. i did notice what looks to be some subtle wing flexing in some photos, up toward the tip when in flight and down slightly when on the ground, which is what i would expect for a wing span of that length, but other than that it looks to have straight wings. As far as proportions, they look pretty good but i would need to see a top view to tell for sure.

Hello Blendswap.
Well I found these

As BlendShadow said the aircraft looks some flexing, but also the edges of wings…perhaps an effect of flexing. So you need apply that effect, yeah!.

The proportion is over proportion, but also can be the camera effect, perhaps you need set the camera to a range of 22 - 33 mm.

this is looking a lot better!

you should work on the aircraft material and texture some more. the reference photos that megastor put up show a camo texture, which looks rather cool, if you wanted to go that route (maybe your reference / blueprint photos don’t have the camo?). also, perhaps you may want to add more specular hardness to the material. right now the model material looks kind of dull…but i don’t know, maybe that’s what it’s supposed to look like. also, sunlight casts harder, sharper shadows than what you’ve currently got going on. for example, the tail section of megastor’s first photo has these kind of shadows.