MQO import to Blender ( various Japanese scripts )

I note several:
First - the famous one among non-Japanese:’s script for Blender v2.40 and Python 2.4

and here is Rydot’s one:
but who knows what version of Blender and Python it works with…

The one I want is -
Tofu ala mode’s one, version 1.04:

for Blender2.49a+Python2.6.1
(so says this guy Mokohs at:

And finally, Tanakahisateru’s one:
but who knows again which Blender and Python versions this one’s for either…

You will need to be able to use UTF-8 characters on your system, I believe.
I am sorry but I do not know whether these will successfully work for each and every MQO file out there.

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