MR 3000 Dual band radio device


(Jensen197) #42

Very nice meshwork. Do you use anything beyond a subsurf modifier to get the smoothness?

(parallax_punch) #43

yes I did!

(ChrisArcher) #44

This is a awesome hard surface render :slight_smile:

(MrHaphazerd) #45

Amazing attention to detail. I like how the first image has a drop of coffee splattered on it.

(Sasalami) #46

This is wonderful.I congratulate you!
Nice work with the light. The coffee stains are very realistic and add a touch of photorealism.

(PolyGreen) #47

amazing work man, especially love the intricate details all over the mesh. You really have a feel for design and composition.
Personally I am new to Blender and a hard surface modeler as well. I am wondering what your proces/workflow looks like when creating models like this. Do you blockout and use booleans and then cleanup your topo ? Do you use extensions like hardops/boxcutter etc. ?

(Friedslick6) #48

An example of material mastery. Congrats on these renders.

(Maqea) #49

All is great but if I where to nitpick the only thing that doesent look real is the coffee stains on the paper. The paper would have crinckled a bit if it got wet.
But that is if I realy look for a flaw. Wish I dont do. =D

(munson) #50

Amazing. Bubbles in the coffee cup; freshly poured! Nice detail.

(SonicBlue) #51

Those wires, magnificent work!

Are you a Pepera (RIP :cry:) disciple?


Would you post some more wire-frames please, this is a masterpiece and I would love to see more about how you made it. Pretty please :slightly_smiling_face:

(Gabriel Freire) #53

Amazing! Post more images of project!


very clean
meybe it is new?