Mr. Bear

Last night I got mega bored so I turned Zbrush and Blender on and started to sculpt some things. After few minutes I ended up with a little jelly bear. Made such friends with this little fellow in a second so I decided to put some life in his jelly head. 2 hour later Mr. Bear was happy saying “Hello” to this big, cruel world.

Main sculpt: ZBrush
Minor sculpting changes / shapekeys: Blender
Render: Blender Cycles
1920x1080 (50%) and 100 samples.

I used glass material / glossy / volumetric scatter / volumetric absorption + 3 planes with emmision material.
Everything rendered 18 hours on 16gb RAM, i7 3.4 GHz, GeForce GTX760 2GB. Ridiculously long.