Mr_bomb and his choice of images.

I am a MODO user and I was searching the internet for tutorials concerning UV Mapping and ran across this:
The photo of the woman looks mighty familiar. As far as I know, it is a Luxology employee. I believe she allowed Luxology to use her image in a head modeling tutorial found here;
Does Mr_Bomb work for Luxology? Did he get permision to use the model’s photo?
Just curious.

If you’d bothered to read the tutorial you cited, you’d have seen the attribution

Reference Images:

Adrianna (9.4 MB ZIP)
Provided Courtesy of Pixel Corps

Now, IANAL, but “Provided courtesy of” doesn’t sound much like “copyright 1998 Pixel Corps” to me. If you’ve got an issue with the Adrianna photos being in public domain, then take it up with MODO, who put them there.

[BTW, some say MODO warez is infected with Michaelangelo. Don’t know whether it’s true or not.]

Good thing I bought MODO.
BTW I hear that Blender has been around for about 8 years and is just now getting to where MODO is on MODO’s second update.
“But Blender is free” I stopped using Blender after the second year of NAN not adding raytracing. I constantly requested raytracing but instead of the hard headed stubborn users like IceMan saying something like “ya know, reflections might come in handy” all I heard was “learn python”.
BTW, I heard that Blender’s UI is difficult to use. Oh, wait I didn’t hear that, I experienced that after using other programs that far surpass Blender in usability. Blender is free but so is AIDS.

dude, go get off on your “oh so great apps.”, if you hate blender this much, what the fuck are you doing here anyway?

Just to show you loosers how antiquated Blender is. And yes, MODO kicks the shit out of Blender any day of the week in modeling and rendering and very soon LUX is going to add animation so it will kick the shit out of Blender in that category too.
Ya’ll might want to open up your minds and your pocket book and purchace a program once and a while.
I think Orinoco’s reply sort of sums up the whole “free app” thing perfectly. WAREZ was mentioned. Why would warez be mentioned unless that person was a scumbag who considers using warez instead of buying a program.

Oh, and stop, you’re gonna hurt my tender sensibilities.

how sad, you should really try and find a girlfriend you know

Just to show you loosers how antiquated Blender is.

I may be a “looser,” but I’m a happy "looser.’

Ya’ll might want to open up your minds and your pocket book and purchace a program once and a while.

How 'bout, NO!

And this from The American Heritage Dictionary:

harlequin2. A clown; a buffoon…

I think that sums it up.

Ad Hominem attacks removed.

I know very little of MODO. That little looks impressive. I can’t afford it.

MODO is probably very good. It is probably even worth the price, for a professional modeler. However, I’m an umployed, and currently not even a student. I have no pocket book to open.

You mentioned that MODO’s second update is bringing it up to the same levels as Blender currently is. Oh, you said it the other way round. MODO’s second update has already caught up, and exceeded Blender’s 8 years of mostly open-source development. How nice. I wouldn’t have quessed that a professional team concentrating fully on one project can match a bunch of hobbyists.

I’ll try to get into studying 3d modeling and animation next spring. I wouldn’t have even dreamed of becoming an artist of any kind if I hadn’t been able to try various things out in Blender. I might not be that good a modeler yet, but now I know what I should be able to do, if I am to model well. These include:

  • being able to draw
  • knowing what I want to draw (see: being able to draw)
  • I need a program, and I need to know how to use it, as well as know its limits

Lack of any one of these limits my capability to learn 3d-modeling. MODO doesn’t cover any one of these points. Seeing what a good modeler can achieve with an expensive software might help. Would you care to post something so that we can see how much better you can model with MODO?

You also said that Blender community is stubborn, and implied that some of us use stupid arguments while defending our program of choice. Quess what is my only impression of MODO community and users?

Just take a look at all of his posts - same old theme - Blender cant cut it, follow me I’ll show you the way…bring your checkbook.

EDIT>> Ther are basically 2 ways to make yourself look better:

  1. Through continuous improvement ie hard work and study
  2. By trying to make everyone around you seem inferior

Guess which method is employed by pathetic little weenies.

To clear things up over the reference image, yes, it is taken from Luxology’s website. When I recorded the tutorial I emailed Luxology directly and asked if there were any problems with me using the reference. As I never got any response, and as the images are availible freely on the internet with no notice of copyrights or anything I felt there was no problem in doing so.

Also, Harlequin,
It really doesn’t matter that Modo may beat Blender in some areas, it’s a commercial application with many full-time employees. It really doesn’t matter whether or not it’s better, we’re here on blenderartists because we like Blender and want to be part of the community, NOT to bash other programs there’s no reason for you to do so.

If you’re just here to stir up trouble, piss off.


That’s right. Other apps may be more advanced and “better” but they don’t have the same feel as blender. blender is a free app that people all over the world use and they are able to get help from other blender users because this is a blender community. I say that if you are going to bash blender, you shouldn’t waste your time here because you’re going to find more people supporting blender then against it.

Harlequin, have you even tried to push Blender to the limits before. Look at work by RobertT and @ndy for instance and look at the SIGGRAPH 2006 demoreel and you’ll see the power of Blender. Sure Modo looks like a really awsome application and has things Blender doesn’t have but still Blender has things that it doesn’t.:slight_smile:

Listen, clown, oh, excuse me, harlequin, (wait, is there a difference?) warez was mentioned because of your known propensity to recommend it. So unless you want to take the time to edit those recommendations out of all your old posts, I’d suggest you lighten up on the use of the term “scumbag.” Who knows, people might get the impression you’re talking to a mirror.

theeth, obviously he’s here to stir up trouble. He begins a thread with an alleged copyright infringement, and then doesn’t mention it again, but goes off on his trademark rants.

So let’s take a look at all the wonderful work harlequin has done in MODO. Woops! No gallery images!

Well, not everyone gets into the gallery, so let’s take a look at the threads he’s started over at the MODO forums. No work here , just complaints because MODO isn’t voice activated. How about this other thread ? This has promise! He’s beginning to get ready to prepare to start a model of The Joker, but can’t because the reference images aren’t any good. So sad. Then there’s this thread, where his “gift to the community” turns out to be made using models ripped off another MODO artist.

ha ha. pwned!

If he’s here just to advertise Modo and say Blender sucks, then he really shouldn’t be here then. This is for people who use Blender.

I think this MODO is easier to learn and does more by itself and… that this guy probably is too fkn lazy to learn anything, too lazy to take time to get to know the interface, too lazy to actually do something to make something that looks good

From harlequin’s bio over at the Modo community site:

“Started with Blender, moved on to Rhino, got into Max and Maya, love the heck out of Houdini and here I am now. Currently I am working on the first completly portable high end 3-d studio.”

Allow my supposition:

Started with Blender [because it’s free, and I have about as much money as I do talent & skill], moved on to Rhino [because I am too lazy and/or stupid to figure out such a simple non-professional app as Blender], got into Max [because as cool as it was to steal Rhino, scoring Max for free is totally awesome!] and Maya [because I heard that real professionals use this one], love the heck out of Houdini [because it’s the most expensive of the bunch . . . and I’m hoping it can produce that auto-awesome render that requires hard work in all the other apps] and here I am now [waiting to get a warez copy of the next big 3D software to hit the scene, after Modo of course]. Currently I am working on the first completly portable high end 3-d studio [in between posting nothing/crap/stolen artwork & bashing other people’s software because they’re not as cool as I am].

BTW: Thanks to Orinoco for those links to the source material.

Ah, Cire, you missed the best part… :smiley: that

first completly portable high end 3-d studio
is the cab of the truck he’s living in. [QUOTE= harlequin @MODO Forum > Gallery & Work In Progress > Gallery > My next projects]I Drive a big rig and live in it. I don’t have an apartment and there aren’t too many public libraries that have semi-truck parking.[/QUOTE]
lol. no. rofl. no. roflmao.