Mr_bomb's doodle thread

Following Zarf’s thread I though it’d be fun to post up my daily doodles as well. You can bet that the majority of them will be head/face models since that’s what I tend to stick to but we’ll just have to see where it goes :slight_smile:

Here’s the first one, probably about 30 minutes of modeling:

30 minutes. I’m soooo envious. I’ll certainly follow this thread. I’d like to see an occaisional wire, to see how you handle topology in tricky areas where features join. Good job.

very nice, and yes youve got a good point, perhaps we all should start a thread like this, i mean its a good practice.

what tutorial did you use, LOL

Had some more fun with it :slight_smile:

Here’s another little one:

Awesome, awesome… love that last one, I’d kill to know how you did that … you wouldn’t want to make a little tut on how you did it eh…?:stuck_out_tongue:

@RANKN67 I doubt he used a tutorial… Read next line to know why I think this.

@BleedForMe He allready did :smiley:
Scroll all the way to the bottom… Isnt like the last pic more like the first few but I think if you can master that then you can make faces like the last one :wink:

@Mr bomb great work hope you keep this thread updated. Wouldnt mind seeing a few wires myself tho.


I sat down and had some fun with another doodle while at the Monteal Blender Conference.