hey, sorry to annoy anybody, but is mr. Caward on this forum? if so please either email me, PM me, or reply to this thread…


Yessirree, this is Mr. Caward here, Jimmy-Jimmy (or whatever your real name is). I didn’t think anybody would know that I enjoy using Blender and hanging out here on elYsiun with all you hip young individuals. What do you want? Answers to a test? Well I can’t do that because I’m a teacher LOL!!!11

…sorry. I’m just really, really bored right now. But I am curious; how do you think that one of your teachers (I’m assuming) would be on elYsiun?

because hes awesome and used to teach blender in digital design class, he is the reason im into blender. i wanted to ask him if i couldbe a TA for his class cause i couldnt find him around campus, but nvm, its resolved, im his TA but he doesnt teach blender anymore, BUT he might let ME teach blender!!!

Hey that’s actually pretty cool! I wish somebody at my school would teach Blender, or even 3D design altogether.