Mr. Eloquence

Hi artists,

This is my recent study:

Excellent character. Has some real personality.

Love the shaders too. Maybe the clothes have a bit too much specular on them though.


really cool.

I have always been trying to do cartoon character but i always failed.

great expresion too. :smiley:

He is supposed to be gay right? serious post

He’s great! Very evocative. Oddly, the four toes don’t bother me, but in the second pose the hands look a little too E.T.

Looks really good! Biggest issue with me is that the toes are obvious duplicates of eachother, and the feet look a little too square to me. Other than that, nice work!

Very good victor!!

Can you show us some wireframe?

Allan Brito

Blender 3D - Guia do Usuário

Its good that you posted 3 different expression.Wolud love to see him animated.

NIce once, amasing expresion :slight_smile: reaaly cool character… reminds me of Pixar characters :slight_smile:

He’s a cool guy. I would like for him to grow a new finger though.

Thanks to all for the critics and commentaries.

allanbs - certainly


great character man. Lovely expressions a lil jimmy neutrony style

cool stuff, an animation would be cooler

I really like this. He does have some personality.

The only problem I see is that his eyelids never change, regardless of the expression.

very nice, they are looking quite funny :smiley:

wonderfull work !

That’s really really cool. I love the style; very pixar-ish. The third expression is great, and I can feel a lot of emotion in the character. Good stuff. Oh yeah, and like someone said above ^^^ rigging the eyelids would make it even better


Great job :wink:

I love the different expressions, and also the texturing.

As others have commented, the feet look a bit on the blocky side. Only having four toes is not too bad actually. Also, there seems to be a lack of variation in the eyelids.

An animation featuring this character would be neat…


I like it a lot.
How did you render the wire??

Lovely and very expressive character. I love your style: simple and efficient. Now I’m waiting for the anim …

See y@

That looks awesome!!!’

And how did you render that wire???