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Hey guys,
I’m currently in the process of learning Blender, i’ve begun this project as a means of learning my way around the program. So not quite sure, i’m trying to produce a photo-realistic character that would be to a production level of quality…
It’s still work in progress, i’m currently trying to find a way to fix the seams, i’m going to add fur to the back and maybe animate him.
Let me know what you think, if there’s any you think i might be able to improve him.
Thanks - Dave

He looks really good, the eyes are my issue, they don’t seem to have the glint of life. Try to actually make the eye like in real life instead of just a texture, I think you will get a lot better results.

Hey thanks :slight_smile:
Yeh i kinda see what you mean by the eyes, i did model them with a seperate iris and outer layer, not sure, maybe the shader needs a little transparancy or more translucancy? any suggestions?
Well i added a little hair today, still wip:


I’m a little stumped with the seams, still can’t figure out the multi UV/bake technique.

Thanks again - Dave

WOW! Cool Character! Keep us posted!

btw… some wireframes would be good!

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ve just updated the above render, the last one was a little washed out around the hair.
Re: a wire, any ideas how to disable the hair/particle system without deleting it? or just hiding it? I tried but the hair made it unseable.
Thanks again - Dave.

why do you need to render the wires if you can just simply grab a screenshot form blender…? :smiley:

I don’t wish to render the wire, it’s just when you flip into wire preview the hair at the back obscures the whole mesh, just wondering if there’s anyway to hide the hair without deleting it?

well, some people duplicate the mesh they are going to add some hair to, then delete the faces that they don’t want to have hair on, if you have used that way of doing it, then you can just simply turn the ‘hair mesh’ objects rendering off in the out-liner :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the iris and pupil are not simply painted onto the surface of the eye, they are three-dimensional objects which have a shape of their own.

Great piece of work there! I’m loving your character! Just one problem…the same as everyone else’s…the eyes…

Make the iris part concave as opposed to convex. Even if they are separate meshes…it doesn’t look like it right now. Eyes have depth…keep that in mind!

Otherwise, Fantastic work! Very nice! I can’t wait for the finished project!


yes there is a way to “hide” the hair, or rather the amount of hair that is displayed. it’s in the first particle tab I believe. just look for the tooltip, you’ll see it.

Hey guys,
Thanks for the feedback, i agree that the eyes are very painted looking i’m still not 100% sure how to to corrects this, i have literally modelled the eye and iris seperately, given them both SSS and a nice toon spec … mmm, not sure what else i can do, any suggestions? in the first render i comped a hdr pass over the main render which probably dulled down the eyes quite a bit, the second image doesn’t have hdr, does this look the same or any better?
Regarding the hair, i can’t find a hide button in the particles tab.
I’m just learning my way through the rigging process at the moment so playing around with that :slight_smile: I wanted to give him a belly that wobbles, is there a good way for doing this?
Cheers again - Dave.

Oh, i get it now, i know where i’m going wrong with the eyes :slight_smile: the iris itself should be inset/concaved, that makes sense :slight_smile:

I was just looking at the little planets at the top of the page :slight_smile:

Right then …

hmm… not sure if its of any use but i just remembered this tutorial:

hope its of some use! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, yeh i got it now, i know where i was going wrong, it’s an inny not and outy :slight_smile:
Just been tied up with work over the last week so back to my character for a few days now :slight_smile:
I did actually do an eye test last week and it came out pretty bad, hmmm, if i remember rightly the main problem was the outer (transparent) skin of the eye was causing strange renders and unwanted darkness. I’ll take a read through the link you suggested.
Cheers again - Dave.

Nice work ! I’m a web designer and working on a kids website. Would you be interested in putting your art on ZETAPRINTS, so that I can try it as a template and see if I’m interested.

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This is close to top row stuff. For blender anyway, I love the texturing and presumably the sss you have on the skin. Great character I like the addition of the hair, that’s why it gets four and a quarter stars from me.

Hey thanks :slight_smile: I’m just learning blender and very surprised by the results. It’s still wip, i’m just in the middle of some work so when that’s finished i’ll be picking him up again, still need to fix those seams :slight_smile:
Thanks again - Dave.

the belly grosses me out. It is also blocky (needs more subsurf). I think he would look more believable if his legs were bigger and his belly smaller.

You can use curve guides for the hair, so he does not look porcupine-ish. The eyes are looking good with the spec up. The pupil should be black; in my eyes I have to put a shadeless (deep black/red .1) plane in black of the pupil to make the hole absoluelty black. I think the iris should be more reflective - is it at 1.0?

Oh man, that looks pretty fantastic…

Great stuff going here man, keep it up!