Mr Horns

Hi. I am creating my first fully painted, rigged and animated character model.

I think I am almost finishing here but I have few problems that I struggle with for a few days and I am kind of stuck.
I need your help, some of questions that I have may be pretty dumb, but things like animation and rigging are new to me.

  1. First thing I can’t wrap my mind around is using nla editor. I watched a lot of tutorials, where people were converting keyframes to strips and blended them together in seconds, but when I convert my animation to action strip my character stops moving. It moves when i ‘tab’ into the strip though. What am I doing wrong?
  2. How can I upload model with more animations into sketchfab? I have 2 animations saved as actions, but sketchfab sees only the one that I am leaving active. I’m using their blender uploader…
    Thanks in advance!


The animation looks good. I did thing the biceps are a little to far inward.