Mr. Impus: The Bust of a Troll.

In order to understand what a troll is, read this.

Anyways, I created this character bust. His name is Impus. My CGI portfolio is quite weak at the moment and I needed to know if this was a step in a good direction. Tell me what you think.



The nose and distance between the eyes seems a bit too wide, I can’t imagine being able to see like that. The rest of it is good, though.

That is a good point. I forgot to remember that two eyes are one eye distance apart.

erm, on a perfect human the eyes have a distance equal to one eye between them. modeling someone on the perfect proportions, however, is not good practice even on humans. let alone an imaginary creature.

Now,it clear to judge:yes: Nice work!


looking good! but a troll should be a big dumb beast and this looks to me more like a goblin/orc, small and clever… why don’t you try making the neck thicker?