Mr. Lee Montero - a working class hero

Did You know that two lemons can produce 1,5V … ? Like an AA battery…

So this is Mr. Lee Monterro. Tough guy. He is like a super high voltage limette… Ya know what I’m talking about.

Modeled / Sculpted in zbrush, textured and rendered in blender / cycles.



And some color stripped ones…

C A N I M A K E T H I S A M E M E!?!?!?

Show me what you’ve got in mind

when u want to be invisible but ur already a green screen so nobody can see you

come on… ill give you credit on 9gag…

Approved :grin: for crediting use my IG handle @picky_apothecary


posted on 9gag. 2 min after i posted it , and its already got 700 upvotes.

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this is getting really hot!!

Can you post a link here?

sure, but this is the new one. i posted it twice, and this is the less hot one.

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