mr.library rendered with AO, and now wearing clothes!

some of you wanted to see him clothed,
and now that I got an assigment to design some visual interactive 3d maps of a new downtown library they are building, I am going to use this little dude, as a guide that introduces the places for user.

there will be basic 3d maps of the space,
but also animations. when user clicks on certain place on the map, camera will travel to that location… and, mr library talks you through… or someting. we will see.

they will be displayed on info terminals specially built for that. touchscreen display system… something… I dont know. :slight_smile:

anyways, I refined the character, gave him clothes, and investigated the AO rendering system for future renderings of the library… and here’s the pics:

note: the library scene used here is not what the new library will be like. I just used some old scenes I did for our intranet use… wanted to test out the AO…


Wow, great character man! How do you show any expression in its face, though? Displays on the terminal head?

That’s a nice library test-scene, too. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

You have really great style and passion in you work!

Fun stuff. Is it going to be on a website? It looks like you could possibly subiv the monitor head slightly more, or smooth it through the method of your choice - it is slightly chunky.

Great work.


I think there will be website too… or just a program to run the animations and handling the image maps… don’t know really… I just do the graphics. ofcourse, they can use my stuff then to whatever related, websites, prints… remains to be seen.

as for expressions… here’s some I pulled out of him:


pretty good !!!

love that style man :o

keep on blending :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope we get to see an animated short with this
guy (PS: Keep the story simple and good!)


He looks 100% improved with the AO lighting basse.

I Still remember that dude you posted wearing thos eunderwear with that “Magic” procedural texture. I still love it on the shirt. It still is the only place I have ever seen that texture used.

Great work again basse.


He’s looking as good as ever, Basse. :smiley:

I looove the expressions and poses.

but has he stolen that shirt from that greasy bartender?

Very nice, I love your style. I don’t quite get the mwahaha expression but great work, lol.

Its not mwahaha its wahuu you know like he is doing an extreme sport or something. Great work by the way your charecter has a lot of charecter. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am SICK and TIRED of you being so damn good!

thanks people…

bgdm: I have used magic texture also in some carpets and wallpapers :slight_smile: you can put several of those on layers, different sizes and orientations, to create quite psychadelic patters. I also like the idea, that someone is wearing “a magic shirt” :slight_smile:

hippie: the base texture is same. I have a, what you call it, repository for these textures I’ve made and that I like, and took some time to do… so I dont have to do them all over again everytime, I just import material and go from there… the shirt itself is modelled from scratch. also, I like to reuse stuff purposely, so that they would have something in common, and people could notice and think: "heeeeyy… I’ve seen those underpants somewhere… " :slight_smile:

forexample, I only have one car model, and I use it everytime I need a car :slight_smile:


Ohhh, very nice :slight_smile:

Any other expression?


Great work. This is going to be fun to follow :wink:

man, i really want to read some comics with this guy! are you planning to make a animation with mr.library ??

i love him already!

hey basse that is awesome you keep on out doing your self