Mr.Lucky and the american dream

Hello everyone !
my first complete project here ! i was innspired by the american old school tatoo iconography !
done in blender. render with cycle and filmic blender ( thank’s sobotka it’s awesome) with 1000 samples.
hopefully u’ll like it



Good work, I like the 8 ball.

Wow! I saw the WIP of this a while ago. This has come a long way since then (even though it was good already)!

I love the details (!), the composition and image style. How many hours have you been working on this? :slight_smile:

(Edit: I think the chromatic aberration is a little too much, as it looks unnatural compared to a photo (which, I suppose, is the look you are going for)

Tremendous! huuuge!!! the number of details is incredible!!! definitely 5 stars!
That let me thinking, that the eight ball, is impossible to put in or out of the eye socket, so it must have been created inside the eye socket!
congrats on finishing this one!

@springwater: thank u man !
@Triastase : thank u ! honestly a spent so many hours on this project , modeling was the easy part (except the Colt revolver ,i rarely do hard surface), shading took me forever !
i m ok with u , i gone too far with the chromatic aberation , i didnt use the node , i just moved the red chanel ( too far lol ) !
@ Tona : thank u amigo i apreciate u words , and ur support all along this project ! :wink:

Very interesting concept and execution :smiley: great job!

great work, I like the ball in his right eye :smiley:

Thank u guys !

a AO render.


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i want to share the colt single army with u !
it has all the parts ! but it’s not shaded ( cants share the textures i used )
do whatso ever u want with ! no need to credit me !
i just wish that if one of u rig it , to share the rig with others !
hopefully it will be helpfull to ur creation :wink:


coltssa.blend (2.42 MB)

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Aaaah man. this is totally crazy!!! I just stumbled over your WIP thread and after seeing how this has come togehter I´m totally amazed. I´m pretty sure you learned big times on this project. The AO-Render shows this massive amount of Detail and your way of modelling and especially texturing your objects is stunning. The Colt-Render looks so fkn real. Awesome Work!!! Really Amazing!

That AO render is awsome!
Where are the five stars!?
Man if you want a realistic human for any project just tell me, I’ll love to make it for you to see what you do with it!

@kommandersch: thank u man for ur kind words .i’m glad that u like it ! it means a lot !
@Tonatiuh: thank u amigo , u follow this project from the beginig , and ur feedbacks ans words was precious all along ! u know already how much i apreciate ur art and ur personality ! working with u on a common project will be an honor !
i dont know if this piece deserve 5 stars , but i’m proud of it and just happy to share it !

thank’s to Jonathan Lampel from CG coockie
some adjustement to the composition and colors !


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Very nice job monsieur! Modeling, materials and mood look fantastic! :cool: The last adjustments do bring a lot of focus to the piece but it also makes it feel cropped in my estimate. Like it either should be wider (including the side of the radio like in the original) or way higher. (a vertical format with some nice empty space above the table with maybe something round like a dartboard with (I´m going nuts with the story right now) a “Wanted Dead or Alive Lester “Lucky” Lewis” sheet pinned to it to balance out all the straight vertical lines which dominate it now might be something that might make it work a little better. Nevertheless: based on quality this is 5* top row stuff!

@PixzlPete: thank u very muche man for ur nice words! i mean it !

WHAT ??? i’m not top row ??!! surprise !! :wink:

You definitely deserve to be!!! cheeking your colt now!

thank’s man :wink:

This just made my day! Congrats :slight_smile: