Mr lucky project

We’re really committed to make Mr lucky animation by means of BLENDER.these pictures are from first scene which two birds are on the branch.the black one envies the other bird which is much more beautiful and is able to sing well.Of course this is not final render.The powerful story and creative director and also such a good software,I mean “blender”,are qualification of this animation.You will be able to follow us here.

Wow these look incredible. Is this an animation or a game? If it’s a game I really want to know what scripts you are using to get that look.

Of course its an animation.

Then why is it in the game forum?

I made a mistake sorry.Now,How can find the guy that fixes this kind of mistakes ?:confused:

There is a little triangle with a ! in it underneath each post. If you click it, you can write a message to the people who administrate the forums. Generally it’s used for spam reports, but you can also use it to ask them to move your thread.

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