Mr. Mister- the all new robotic gardening appliance!

Taking a break from my current project, i’ve decided to make a robotic lawn appliance. it mists (get it :smiley: ), cuts, seeds, fertilizes, airrates, and is very efficient.

Its movement would take time to explain, so to put it simply it moves back and forth with the regular wheels and side to side with the piston looking things. (they slide down for use.)


here’s an update. i added seed/fertilizer dispensers plus blades to spread the seeds/fertilizer when it comes out. there is a trianglular face on the dispenser though that is ruining the appearance. any idea how to fix that?

Not sure. Set smooth?

Anyway, I think you should add an actual axle for the wheels, because with that simple box connecting them they don’t look like they would turn.

Other than that, looks pretty good.

I have run into this before. 2 things could be happening with the triangle:
1: the normals are not correct
2: the top corner verticies are not on the same plane as the top center vertex.

By the looks of the rendering shading #2 is more likely. Once you line them up the surface will become one plane and the triangle will dissapear. Set smooth will not give you the desired results because it would round the surface and shade it accordingly.

thanks for the tips. i fixed the triangle problem by making the vertices aligned on the Z and Y axis. I added a simple material as a test. the ground texture sucks, it’s just procedural. Does anyone know where to find a high-res ground texture that comes with a bump map, like the one in this image? (by enricoceric). it would be of help.