Mr Mojo...

Well, I was making head shot of Jim Morrison and here’s a badly textured render, which looks like a bald transvestite…:

But no worries, I did some post pro and came up with this, well, no longer bald, but still a transvestite, but I like it.:

So, you can enter your comments if you want.

why do you blur all your works?


Do I? Well, maybe I like them that way, haven’t really given it a tought. But I do got plenty of works which are not blurred :slight_smile:

But maybe the blurriness comes from resizing and image packing. I am connected in net via GPRS and it’s just slighty faster than good old modems, so I want to get things moved smoothly and fastly.

Oh, and the exrtra blurriness in this particular scene comes from plugin I used in PSP8 to get that pastel efect done.