Mr Muscles (my 3dmovie char)

I’m making another 3d movie and this is one of my new characters. Most likely a secondary.

c+c please:)


That man has an eating disorder.

He’s suppost to be like a zombie that wasn’t dead for long (but I guess I should have shown some exposed flesh, cut skin, ribs showing; the works) -well, lesson learned^^.

Any c+c about the textures?

First of all, you named him darn well !

The textures are, imo, really good. But it’s quite hard to see due to the high lighting.

Nevertheless, a great model! I hope I’ll reach your standards one day too :smiley:

great model. I like how his trousers hang off of him. Only crit is that his head seems a bit too round? Makes him look like a psychotic cabbage patch kid :o

Thanks (I’ll get to the cabbage patch issue ASAP -I’m actually working on it right now :smiley:

-My movie’s in the works now; I’ve already outlined all the shots, and I have all the models… Now, it’s just a matter of time :stuck_out_tongue:

c+c still welcome^^