Mr. Oliver

I recently started working on a new still, an anthropomorphic cat protrait.
Textures and fur are ~80% done, still experimenting with different light setups and scene arrangement.

For posing I used Rigify, clothes were simulated in Marvelous Designer. Cloth shaders are mainly procedural, stitches painted in Substance Painter.

Here are a few impressions:

I post regular updates usually on Twitter, feel free to ping me for questions/critique/suggestions here on BA or over there!

Proper close up:

After a longer pause, I decided to redo the fur from scratch, much happier now:

Really impressive! I love the pose! very natural

Thanks Tonatiuh!

Looks pretty nice. But… the color coating is a bit off in my opinion. Why? Well, usually female cats have a tri-color, quad color fur, where as the male cats only have up to 2 colors. Also try to make the fur around the cheeks more fluffy- it would give him a bit more character. Right now he looks angry and also sort of starved.

Thanks for your comment Shoosterson!

Oh, didn’t know that! Just learned that female cats can show more color variation since color coding genes sit on X chromosomes. Since I like the current colors of Mr. Oliver, I just decided that in anthropomorphic cats, fur colors are determined through genes found on non sex-linked chromosomes too, resulting in much greater variation than your typical domestic cat :wink:

You’re right about the fluffiness around the cheeks, will increase that after finishing the collar design!

This reminds me of fairy tales.Was that your inspiration?

Finally had some time to work on him. Decided to push this in a classic portrait direction and got rid of the other props.
Also built a new cloth shader from scratch.

Very cool! The cloth shader looks gorgeous, especially on the waistcoat and necktie (is this thing called necktie?)!
The head looks a little disproportionate though: maybe make it more fluffy?

Thanks for your feedback Timofei! Finding the right size of the head was indeed difficult - make it just a little bit too big and it looks way too cartoonish. Here’s how he looks without fur and clothes:

I think geometry-wise, the size is just on the spot, but you’re right, fur needs to be a bit longer.

Finished artwork thread