este es mi segundo post!!

Quiero mostrarles este personaje que hice en Blender 2.49b se llama Mr PEAR es una pera macho utilize Photoshop CS5 para hacer la textura.

es verde y un poco gruñon PERO es amigable

Espero que les guste!!!



This is my second post!!
I want to show this character I made called Mr PEAR is a male pear made in Blender 2.49b I used Phtoshop CS5 to make the texture.

is green and a bit grumpy but is friendly

Hope you like it!

Here’s my gallery:


V2 With mouth:

V1 without mouth:

Lovely pear! though it could use a mouth and the texturing around the eyes looks a bit off.

Yeah, I agree; the texture around the eyes looks a bit stretched, but…

Excellent character!

Good work. I miss it not having a mouth.

Thanks for comments! :smiley:

This character is an experiment it’s based on a character called “Zanno” from Pablo Vazquez, for that reason I doesn’t has mouth.
I will make some experiments with others characters and I will put a mouth to see how it looks and I will make better the texture for my next characters .


Hi everyone!
I did some changes to the model, I added a mouth and I did another Renders.
Here’s my result.

It looks great with a mouth! Not I think the biggest issue is the lighting around the teeth, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of shadow there. But overall I love it!

is it rigged? It would be cool to have on blendswap!

It isn’t rigged yet, but I plan to do it later.
I need to study a lot and do some tests to create a good rigg, when I finished the Rigg I will post it in Blendswap.
See you!