Mr Planktons lab

This is my take on Mr plankton ( from sponge bob square pants ) working in his laboratory on the secret Crabby Paddy recipe.

3D illustration created with blender 2.45 and photoshop. used used nodes for Dof and colouring effects and renders about 4 “takes” which I then composited in photoshop.

You can see a larger version here

looks pretty good! lots of detail there - I’d say there are some problems maybe with the way the highlights are showing up on the edges of the tiles in shadow, and the spec/hardness doesn’t change enough (for me) between the skin material and the meat material on the ?octopus? arm. The bun crust is too shiny to me as well. not having seen Spongebob, and knowing this character, I’d still say it’s pretty. good.

Interesting take, what about his computer wife?

I love watching Spongebob, though Plankton never gets any business in his resteraunt.

I love your colour schemes. Only crit would be the bread, doesn’t fit in the style for a reason or another.
And nice textures.

Ha really funny…
Nice m\deling. texturing and lighting.
My only crit is abiut the eybrow which is not very realisting(as the rest of the scene)

Needs eyelids. That’s the key to giving something character. :wink: At the moment he’s just staring into blank nothingness.

But I do like the look of that chopped up creature :slight_smile:

love the materials and lighting.

very good, the only thing i personally would change for this type of illustration would be that plankton is very dry looking. give him a little gloss and i think it would be great…

Cool and witty :). Great work!

Awesome! Best damned show on TV period. Love this image too. Almost perfect. Just the few suggestions mentioned above and you have a winner here.

“Evil plan Z, I LOV YA!!”


Haha I found it quite funny. Nice job! :slight_smile:

Love it! Although there are minor things to change I love the concept and the interpretation. 4 Stars.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Of course we’d all make our images in different ways, many of the things mentioned above are that way deliberately to try to stay within my “house style” although I understand why people would prefer the image to be adjusted, the one thing I would like to do is make the meat more meaty and maybe the eye more fluid.

In fact the real final image is a bit different to this, as it has graphic design elements in it, which I thought would not be liked too much on a 3D forum. Original version of mr plankton on flickr

I have more spongebob stuff on the way.

That’s freakin sweet! I don’t know the show, but I love the way this looks. I know you didn’t ask for crits, but the only thing I’d ask for is a bit more separation/emphasis on the foreground hero characters. The rim light is a good start, but it’s still a bit hard to visually separate him from the detail in the background.

PS. Try a small size toon shader for the spec on the eyeball for the sexy wet highlights!

He he he, Spongebob!! Spongebob!!
Two things i don’t like. 1 is the eyebrow. Its kinda furry and bushy. Also the chopped up thingy. I mean its a good model and stuff, but I’m not so fond of it with spongebob. I take my spongebob very seriously.

That’s a fantastic piece of work.
I really like the look of it.

Looking forward to your new Spongebob stuff!